Health and Wellbeing

Bus and Bird Arts promotes active involvement in the arts for health care users, carers and staff. We are able to engage with a wide range of people through arts in health activities and in partnership, create uplifting environments. Integrating the arts into clinical settings has a marked impact upon health care users’ mood and experiences.

“Creative activity has long been known to have tangible effects on health and quality of life. The arts, creativity and the imagination are agents of wellness: they help keep the individual resilient, aid recovery and foster a flourishing society.” Taken from ‘A Charter for Arts, Health and Wellbeing’ written by Rosie Jackson for The National Alliance for Arts, Health and Wellbeing.

Health and Wellbeing provision from Bus and Bird Arts includes:

The Allotment Project – arts and gardening activities for members of the community who are socially isolated or have mental health issues

Nature Activities for all the family

Inspirational projects for healthcare communities – patients, carers and staff

Workshops for groups within healthcare settings and in local communities to promote social interaction and companionship

Enhanced healthcare environments through the production of site specific artwork – artist commissions or community based collaborations