Clare Taylor

Hello and welcome to Clare’s section of Bus and Bird Arts! My name is Clare Taylor, otherwise known as Curious Clare on social media. I set up Bus and Bird Arts as a vehicle (sorry!) to work creatively with people of all ages.

How did your name come about and what prompted you to go freelance?

The name ‘Curious Clare’ originated from when I started a blog for my pupils and has stuck as it sums up my attitude to life. I have a constant curiosity about the world and I love discovering new things, places or techniques. I have been a maker for as long as I can remember but the catalyst for my art work taking on more of a business focus came from renting a studio at Local Creation when I lived in Altrincham.

When we moved back to my home county of Nottinghamshire in 2016, I wanted my business name and core offer to be broader than just being based around just one person. And so, ‘Bus and Bird Arts’ was born. The bus reflects the idea of a mobile arts service and it is an image that I have used before as I love old route master buses (we even had one for our wedding in 2012). Ideally, I would love to run my workshops from a bright red double decker bus, so watch this space!

What do you do?

Well, that’s a good question! My own practice is multi-disciplinary and inspired by storytelling. Principally, I work in three-dimensions with Ceramics, Textiles and mixed media (including digital processes). I graduated from Manchester Metropolitan University with a First Class BA Hons degree in Crafts (Ceramics and Textiles). My ceramic sculptures enabled me to win the Ninth INAX Design Prize for Europeans and have a residency in Tokoname, Japan.

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