Workshops for 2021

Use Your Voice – Make It Yours. Friday 9th April 2021 free online workshop for National Justice Museum. In the spirit of Nottingham’s radicals, express yourself in a small yet meaningful provocation to create a protest mask on a theme of your choice. Collective voices equal power. What will you shout about?

Unlocking Colour – Explore how emotional responses to colour can positively impact your small business. Understand how colour choices and combinations affect customers’ emotions and behaviours.

The Serious Business of Play: Team Building through Play – Quick, fun activities to get creativity flowing, teams connecting & those happy hormones unlocked! 

Sustainable Art Practice – Botanical Ink making. Create your own range of botanical inks. Discover nature’s colour palette on your doorstep. This is an introduction to techniques for making your very own natural inks including preparation and preserving processes. A taster of the process can be seen here.

Workshop Expertise

Clare Taylor has over twenty years practice in designing & delivering in person creative sessions & multi-disciplinary workshops for a broad spectrum of participants from pre-schoolers and school children through to professional adults. In response to Covid-19, Clare has adapted to delivering online workshops for clients and pre-recording tutorials for workshops to be undertaken at your own pace.


For individuals: Costs per workshop are individually priced but range upwards from £35 per participant. Some workshops listed are delivered on behalf of organisations and are free to participate in.

For schools and businesses: Our one off daily workshop rate ranges upwards from £200 depending on the type of work that is undertaken, for example ceramics sessions may cost more due to the firing and finishing. Our one off half day workshop rate is £125. Please feel free to ring Clare Taylor on +44 7738718930 to discuss your workshop ideas and budgetary requirements, we are happy to negotiate costs for longer term projects. At present, Bus and Bird Arts covers the counties of Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire and Lincolnshire but will consider travelling further afield.

Workshops with Wellbeing outcomes: Case Studies

This is Me, This is Mansfield (project tender won by Clare Taylor for Bus and Bird Arts)

A grant from Museum Development East Midlands provided the opportunity to address the Mansfield Museum’s growing challenge of re-engaging local people and connecting with a wide range of people across the generations in Mansfield. This intergenerational art project created a real sense of pride for local people & successfully engaged 969 local residents with the Museum. It gave Mansfield Museum the opportunity to expand upon its work in the local community and engage with a cross section of groups including: preschool groups, schools, libraries, theatre group for adults with learning difficulties, over 60s group, families and local businesses. The workshops were pitched so all ages and audiences could be involved. The project gave the Museum the opportunity to try out new ways of working and developing partnerships. Feedback was very positive, with participants citing personal benefits from being part of the collective exhibition through to helping people to feel much more a part of their community.

Fun Palaces

Over six weeks, Clare worked with Sanctuary Supported Living Care Home residents with learning disabilities to create a vibrant window display from single use plastic bottles for display in Mansfield Museum’s window as part of their green Fun Palaces display. Residents attended sessions at the museum with carers and participated in activities ranging from weaving plastic to create ‘fabric’ through to plastic flower construction.

This craft based project enabled the residents to express themselves creatively through colour and form whilst questioning and connecting with the world around them, in this case considering environmental issues. Residents comments post project were as follows:

“I learnt about the plastic killing fish and whales , this is so sad , we need to think about what we use and how it effects our world” Participant C

“I had fun while learning things about my world” Participant S

“ I am proud of my work , it went in the window for all to see , I phoned my Mum to tell her” Participant M

BBC Children in Need

Clare worked at Artcore in Derby on two ‘Innocence and ExpressionBBC Children in Need projects. The core participants were home schooled young people, with the majority having additional and special educational needs. The projects provided different opportunities for the young people to explore their identity, skills and abilities through puppet theatre and performance through to a fabulous feast. Both projects culminated in a celebratory event where family and friends were invited. Children gained creative and life skills, independent decision making, team work, and working to a deadline. In particular, one autistic girl who struggled to socialise surprisingly decided to take part in the performance and her parents commented how happy they were with this improvement in her confidence.