Quarry SCAREfest 2020

Firstly, many thanks for getting involved in the first Quarry SCAREfest (Scarecrow Trail). The aim is to bring cheer and community spirit to the residents of the Quarry. Most of all, it is about having fun!

This is our first year (& hopefully not the last) and the main concern is the safety of everyone who participates in the trail.


  1. Please consider siting your scarecrow where it gets the widest view from your property to avoid too many people “crowding” whilst viewing.
  2. Consider the size and position of the scarecrow so that it can be viewed from a distance.
  3. When making your scarecrow, think about the theme and/or situation that will make your choice of scarecrow instantly recognizable. Scarecrows can be standing, seated, lying down and posed as if participating in an activity.
  4. Scarecrows can be made in the traditional format (based around a cross shaped frame and making use of straw) or as a modern interpretation. Other materials can be used but think about how these will stand up to the elements throughout the duration of the Quarry SCAREfest.
  5. It is recommended that scarecrows in front gardens are set back from their front boundaries to minimize the risk of vandalism.
  6. Scarecrows will need to be put out midday on 29th October 2020 and should stay in place until 1st November 2020.

If you have any further questions please contact Clare Taylor at

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